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Volunteers of Berlin Arrival Support are helping refugees from Ukraine at the platforms of Berlin Central Station

Who are we?👋

We are a collective of volunteers, active at the stations of Berlin since February 27. For the people fleeing from Ukraine, the station is usually the first thing they see in Germany. Our concern is to meet these people in a humane way and to facilitate their arrival here in Germany.

On the first day we were in action with ONLY two people. Meanwhile we are up to 700 volunteers every day! Our tasks are defined by the needs of the people who made it here from Ukraine. Starting from the first orientation at the track, through the national/international onward journey, to the arrival at the accommodation.

Both for immediate and specific needs – we find individual solutions.
We translate, we inform, we connect, we provide.

We are volunteers. We are Berlin Arrival Support!


On-location support🫂

Every helping hand and voice is needed and welcome at the stations! In particular when you speak Ukrainian or Russian, but definitly also otherwise.

Please find all information regarding volunteering and registration at by clicking on the button below. Please note that you must be at least 18 years old, and also note the stated rules regarding Covid.

General information about volunteer work can be found here.


Financial support💶

You can support our work by actively volunteering on site, or through financial donations. Cash donations are used by our volunteers to provide direct assistance to people in particularly vulnerable situations, or who have requirements that cannot be adequately met by the mass accommodation that is provide by the state. The physical geography of our train and bus stations, which get cold at night, makes this work especially important.

Our volunteers see each person arriving here as an individual, and work to provide the best support that we can based on what that person needs at that moment. This can range from warm accommodation, to pushchairs and other mobility support.

If you are considering making a large donation, we are happy to discuss in advance to provide more information on exactly how your funds will be used to support our work. We are a grass roots organization, which means that donations go directly toward assisting people arriving here. We welcome donations large and small with the same gratitude, whether from private citizens, companies, or other non-profit organisations.



Where is the money going?💰


Housing & Accommodation

We fund short-term housing for vulnerable individuls and families, so they have a safe place to stay whilst they make longer term plans.

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Transport & Tickets

For families with children, people with a lot of luggage, or people with limited mobility, public transport is often not an option. We help these people by organising and financing transport.

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Hygiene products

We finance the purchase of hygiene products, to add to the donations that we receive. A hygiene station is maintained at the main station, from where people can collect diapers and other necessities for children, along with standard hygiene products for adults.

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We finance food at the arrival points Südkreuz and ZOB, allows people to refuel themselves before continuing on to their next destination, or to take food and drink with them during their next journey.



We finance things that arrivals need but are not provided by government agencies. These range from basic consumer electronics (mobile phone chargers, for example) to more specific items, such as medical equipment.



We need a limited amount of back-office equipment to keep our volunteer response running, for example notepads and stamps. This is also financed through donations.


The most frequently asked questions🙋

📌 Donation receipt information
1. In principle, you do not need a donation receipt for the tax office for donations of up to 300 euros.
A self-created account or online bank printout is sufficient as proof of the donation. It is important that your name, the account number and our data as well as the booking date, the amount and the actual execution of the payment can be seen from it. Please also keep the simplified proof of donation that we have created.

2. If you donated via the donation form:
In the donation form you can choose whether we should send you a donation receipt. If you answered yes to the option, you will automatically receive the donation receipt by e-mail in the spring of the following year.

3. If you donated via SEPA transfer:
Please keep in mind that if you donate by bank transfer, we do not initially have any contact details from you and you will therefore not receive any further notification or confirmation of receipt of money. You are very welcome to leave us your contact details here after your donation and also let us know whether you need a donation receipt.

📌 Why donate directly to us?
We are present 24/7 at the train stations in Berlin and help people on site. There are always various urgent expenses, such as paying for accommodation, buying hygiene items, etc. Your money goes straight to charity and is spent locally.


Write to us☝️

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Back Office

E-Mail: info@arrivalsupport.berlin

Press Office

E-Mail: presse@arrivalsupport.berlin

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